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Consultancy - Migration, QA and Re-engineering
Consultancy in Migration

We can migrate legacy systems to modern hardware. This results in a significant saving in maintenance costs, and, far more importantly, removes the need to train staff on obsolete operating systems and environments.

Our capabilities in software migration include:

  • Code conversion: WinFPT contains tools which automatically carry out most of the code conversions required. These vary from simple keyword substitutions to structural re-engineering.

  • Regression testing: Our tools, and our migration strategies are designed for testing of the migrated system. An important issue in all migrations is to know that the migrated code accurately reproduces the original behaviour.

  • Hardware interfacing and communications: We have experience in, and tools for analysing and converting between HSD, 1553 and Ethernet interfaces. The interfacing of processors and devices is often one of the most difficult challenges in converting an existing simulation or instrument control system.

  • Familiarity with the operating environments: We have used Gould-SEL and VMS systems extensively, and have experience of other legacy hardware. It is often important to analyse and instrument code in the original environment before migration is carried out.

  • Documentation: A migrated system may have new or different operating procedures. We can revise or develop operators' manuals, and create the necessary documentation for ongoing system maintenance.


Consultancy in Quality Assurance

We have carried out extensive code quality audits. Sometimes these are motivated by the ISO 9000 process, sometimes because our customers, particularly in commercial aerospace, simply wish to ensure the quality of their design codes.

The analyses go far beyond analysis of syntactic and semantic correctness. Our tools search for maintenance traps, and analyse the extent of commenting and meaningfulness of variable names. Major companies make an enormous investment in engineering software. We can help ensure the quality of the investment


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